A Debut Novel: Apparent Wind

Apparent Wind is a new historical novel (February 2017), story fitting for Canada's 150th birthday, of family relationships tested in the crucibles of Canadian history.

With in-depth research revealed in an added glossary, Ellsworth has recreated a family saga that blends fact and fiction in a very conceivable historical novel. Actual people and fictional characters interact in real events in incredibly plausible ways. Readers will meet the #1 Operative for Canada's undercover agency, will learn of Canada's communist connections, see the likes of Ernest Hemingway in action, meet Canadian terrorists, and visit several places where Canada came of age nationally and internationally. It was not without cost for the characters involved however.

Des Dilman was a spy for Canada, trained in the RCMP Security Services. He served Canada in the Spanish Civil War, World War II and the Cold War but could not save his own relationships with his wife or his son, it seemed. He continually did things to make his family dysfunctional. But he had a plan to deal with the estrangements.

With the help of a long-time friend, he devises an unusual clause in his will to dare his son David to attempt a rapprochement.  But will it work? Can David avoid having the past repeat itself? Readers can relive the historical conflicts that strained the bonds that tie us, such as the Regina Riot in the Depression, the Mac-Pap volunteers in the International Brigades in Spain, the battles of Ortona and Monte Cassino in Italy during WWII, and even our own October Crisis. On a national and personal level, the repercussions on relationships were not easy; lives were altered.

There are primal emotions that govern the actions of those involved, such as jealousy, passions, anger, and lies. Can the characters overcome them to find compassion, truth and love? It is a memorable ride through Canada's past and readers may recognize themselves in the journey too.

If you enjoy Ken Follett or Ann-Marie MacDonald or even Hilary Mantel, you will enjoy Apparent Wind,  now  available on line at Amazon.ca .