Words Worth Writing, continued 

From 2008-2015, I have written extensively on several projects that range from contractual work for a communication firm and a historical booklet, to published magazine articles, web site articles, and also volunteer articles for a hospital newsletter. Some links are listed below:

Clients and Projects

Published Articles


  • BC Pharmacy Association – 2008,

    Writer and Researcher,

    40th Anniversary treatise, Looking Back, Moving Forward: 1968-2008

  • PR Media – 2008,


    Precis and translations for online newsletters 

  • Oxford University Press, 2001, Writer and Researcher, textbook, Exploring World Religions, Chapter 2, "Aboriginal Spirituality"

Inspired Senior Living magazine, 2011-Presenta BC publication that reaches over 125,000 monthly: seventeen articles to date; some are linked below:


  1. Costa Rica; "Adventures In Paradise", June 2011

  2. Entrepreneurship; "Changing Gears"Feb. 2011 

  3. The BC Senior Games; "Serious Senior Playfulness" ​, Oct. 2012

  4. The UN Seniors'Day; "Seniors Have Their Day" , Aug. 2012.

  5. Australia; ​travel, July 2012

  6. Nk'Mip at Osoyoos;"Nk'mipResort Revitalizes" , June 2012

  7. Wellness; "A Sound Mind In A Sound Body", Dec. 2012

  8. Senator Nancy Greene; "From Ski Champion to Champion of Causes", Sept. 2013

  9. Red Wing Hockey Camp; "Fulfilling a Fantasy"; January, 2014

  10. Senior Fitness; New Year's Aspirations?, January, 2015

  11. Creating A Life She Loves: Barbara Risto; March 1, 2016

  12. Finding Hygge in Denmak; Travel, May, 2017  

Other Samples:

SPH Foundations

  • "Ray Smith, Marigold Nurseries, and the

         SPHF Golf Tournament", summer, 2011

  • "Ray Hunt,Local Architect,Major Project", fall, 2012

  • "The Extended Care Unit is Awesomely Active", spring, 2012

The Globe and Mail, "A Feeling Of Warmth From The          Ice", Facts & Arguments, September 29, 2003